We’re back on track

After a (not so) short break we are finally back on track and have continued working with the car.

Last summer was yet again a disappointment as we didn’t race at all, so let’s hope that this summer we will finally get to the track.


First on our to do-list is to make some new front- and mid plates for the engine to get it a little lower. We will also modify the front of the car to fit our headers better and order a new hood scoop and some other stuff we need for the car.

Next thing on our list is to finalize the wiring, complete the mounting of the racepak display and sensors and make some small adjustments to the gas pedal, the interior panels and different mounts and brackets.





I will try to bring you regular updates and news during the spring as we continue working with the car. If you would like to support us in any way or would like to see us at some event, feel free to contact us.

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