New paint and some more wiring

Since the last update we have again spent some hours in the garage working on the Camaro.
We have continued with the wiring, prepared the front for some new paint and changed a few things.


Paint preparations and disassembly

Last week we modified some minor details on the front of the car and started preparing for some new paint.

Preparation for paint

Fuel tank bracket

Step by step all piping, wiring and other parts was remowed from the firewall and forward so we could apply some new paint to the chassis.
In the pictures you can see that the steering assembly, shock absorbers, fuel system etc. have all been removed.

Paint preparationsPaint preparationsPaint preparationPaint preparations

The old gauge holder was also remowed to make room for the Racepak UDX display, which still needs a bracket before it can be mounted.

GaugesRacepak display

New paint, some more wiring and reassembly

This week after everything had been removed, some new paint was applied to the front of the chassis.

Painted chassis

Not perfect, but a lot better than before!

Painted chassisPainted framerail

And now that we have a clean and nice looking chassis, we can start reassembling everything making sure all fits properly.
The wiring for the Racepak V300 is almost completed.

Racepak wiringCable holder

Racepak wiring

It won´t be perfect or the best looking, but it will be better organized than before and work like it´s supposed to.
Next time we will reinstall all piping and wiring and hopefully also get the bracket for the display done.

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