Volvo PV 2001-2003

PV Racing was founded in 2001.
Our first car was a completely rebuilt Volvo PV from 1964 equipped with a 327″ Corvette V8 engine.

The car was built by Joakim during the years 1994-2001.

We competed in the West Coast Street Cup in Street C with the Volvo during the years 2001-2003.
Best ET achieved with the PV was 10.6 sec @ 211 km/h.

pv4 pv1 pv3



Chevrolet Nova 2004-2006

In 2003 we changed car to a Chevrolet Nova -62, equipped with a 377″ Chevy small-block + Powerglide transmission.
The car was totally rebuilt during 2003-2004.

Season 2004 was successful as we finished second in West Coast Street Cup and third in Wasa Street Race Cup.
Our best ET in 2004 was 10.0 sec @ 220 km/h.

During the winter of 2004-2005 the engine was rebuilt and updated, and during the summer of 2005
we attended the Finnish Street Championship-series and finished in fourth place.
Our best ET that year was 9.79 sec @ 228 km/h.

In 2006 a Chevrolet big-block replaced the old engine and a few testruns were made with a best ET of 9.1 sec @ 238 km/h.

Bild11 Bild15



Pontiac Firebird 2007-2009

For season 2007 we wanted to go faster and a Pontiac Firebird doorslammer was bought from the USA as a rolling chassis.
As usual the car was totally rebuilt and the chassis was updated to 25.1E specs by ME Racing in Borlänge, Sweden.

The drivetrain from the Nova was mounted.

pontiac1 pontiac2 pontiac4
Our goal to be amongst the top-three in the Finnish Outlaw Championship-series was
successful as we finished in second place. Our best ET in 2007 was 8.35 sec @ 275 km/h.

In 2008 a new engine was built after an engine failure at the FHRA Finals in 2007
and a new torque-converter custom built for the engine-combination was purchased.

The car was also repainted during the winter. Best ET in 2008 was 8.29 sec @ 270 km/h.

pontiac13 pontiac11 pontiac19
As competition grew in the class a decision was made during winter of
2008-2009 to sell our Pontiac and look for a more competitive car.

We attended a few races during the summer with a best ET of 8.15 sec @ 268 km/h.

DSC_0071 DSC_0076 DSC_0535



Ford Mustang 2010-2013

In spring 2010 a rolling 25.1E ex-Pro Mod Ford Mustang was bought from Roger Johansson in Sweden.
Our 600″ big-block and transmission was sold, and a 814″ big-block was purchased.

The season was filled with technical problems with both the car and the newly bought Powerglide.

DSC_0438 DSC_0484 
In 2011 the engine was updated with a new custom-built camshaft and a new torque converter was ordered from Neil Chance.

The problems with the transmission remained, but despite that
we managed to run our first sub-8 second ET (7.73 sec @ 283 km/h).

The season ended with a total breakdown of the transmission.

DSC_2711 DSC_2751 DSC_2825
For 2012 we built our own Powerglide.
The engine got new pistons, rods, bearings and valves.
A third converter for the combination was also bought.

Finally the problems with the combination were solved and the car proved to be very consistent.

Foto-122 Foto-124 pvracing-8

During the season of 2013 we were in battle mode running consistent 7 second times.
We even ran a 7.42 sec ET with our driver on the brakes after 7 seconds
trying to nail the 7.50 second break-out of our class.

Unfortunately we ran into some engine problems which meant we missed a few races,
but we were still satisfied with our performance and started dreaming of going faster yet again.
Our best ET in 2013 was 7.42 sec @ 298 km/h.

 pvracing-10   pvracing-4



Chevrolet Camaro 2014-

To be able to go even faster we felt we needed a newer race car, so during the winter the Mustang
was sold and in spring 2014 we bought another previous Pro Mod car, a 25.1E 1968 Camaro.

camaro2014-4 camaro2014-2 camaro2014-3

We took the year off in 2014 with the intensions of running in Super Pro Street for season 2015,
but because of different reasons we couldn’t quite find the time to get the car ready until the final race of the season.

camaro-16  camaro-13camaro-14

After a lot of hard work by the team we almost got the car race ready and had the engine started
for the very first time in this car, but we didn’t quite make it in time for any qualification runs.

camaro-43  camaro-23 camaro-31

But now we know that more or less everything fits on the car and that our engine is working just fine,
so now we will start making plans for next year and see where it will take us.

Most likely we will compete in Super Pro Street next summer trying to run as fast as possible.
You can follow all the latest news from the team here on our website or on our facebook fanpage.