Racepak wiring for the Camaro, Powerglide condition check

On thursday we spent some quality time with the Camaro.

First thing on the agenda was to organize the space and figure out what we have to make or buy for the car. There are always things that can be improved and upgraded and during winter when we can’t race here in Finland is the perfect time to get these kind of things sorted and taken care of. It’s mostly little things like some pressure sensors, a bracket for the Racepak display, plugs etc. that is needed, but better get in now when we have time.

pvracinggarage-1 pvracingcamaro-2

We also drained the oil from the Powerglide transmission and removed the bottom pan to take a look at the filter and inspect the overall condition. It seemed just fine, so the only thing that we need is a new o-ring for the pan so it will stop leaking.


The Racepak sensor wiring had been quite a mess because of the rush to get everything ready for DRF Finals last September, so we started organizing them so they won’t be all over the place. It helps a lot with Racepak’s V-Net technology, which let’s you connect everything together so you won’t have to run a lot of parallell cables from the engine to the logger. You can just plug the sensor modules to each other and then have a single cable connecting them to the data logger. You can find more information on Racepak’s website: Racepak website


Still we have a lot to do on the Camaro before summer and race season arrives.

We have to get the front end of the Camaro body modified so the engine will fit without contact with the hood and we also need a new hood scoop to improve visibility of the tree. Problems that come with a large displacement naturally aspirated engine…

PS. I also read an interesting article by Paddy McGrath on Speedhunters.com about drag racing in Qatar and the fascination of the sport.
You can find the article here: Speedhunters.com: Drag racing in the desert


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